DEF CON Quals 2024

KuK Hofhackerei collaboration for DEF CON CTF Qualifiers 2024

Last weekend we grouped up with our esteemed friends from other Austrian CTF teams and participated in this year's DEF CON CTF Qualifiers under the KuK Hofhackerei mantle. The event was again hosted by Thanks for many fun challenges. In the end we were able to reach the 21st place.

This year we tried a hybrid approach, with teams meeting up in Graz, Linz and Vienna and collaborating through Discord, which worked surprisingly well.

In Vienna we met up again at SBA Research. Some people even had the motivation and stayed there for the whole event, which took 48 hours from Saturday 02:00 to Monday 02:00 CEST. Hat's off to that.

PBCTF 2020 - Ikea Name Generator

XSS, CSP bypass, Character Encoding Issues, Unintended Vulnerability

Overview What's your IKEA name? Mine is SORPOÄNGEN. By: corb3nik One of the most useful applications seen on a CTF so far, a name generator to dive into the Swedish culture: a must have for all the people shopping at IKEA like lavish today, see below. The application provides an input field where users are supposed to insert their name. After clicking on the submit button, an Ikea-like name is displayed. The report page allows...

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Dragon CTF 2020 - Memory Maze

Solve a Memory Maze by leaking info on mapped memory from /proc/self/map_files

Overview The challenge description goes as follows: Miscellaneous, 287 pts Difficulty: medium (26 solvers) Can you escape my memory maze? Treasure awaits at the end! nc 1337 Download Read More

Finished 3rd at iCTF2014

In this years iCTF2014-2015, themed "hacking at scale", we reached the 3rd place out of more than 80 participating universities.

Last Friday we participated in the ictf2014 and reached the 3rd place out of more than 80 participating universities. This years theme was "hacking at scale" with 42 services to pwn, most of which had been reused from previous iCTF's. We constantly improved our score during the CTF until we were at the second place about one hour before the end with only Team Bushwhackers in front of us. However, SpamAndHex did an incredible finish,...

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